Creating a Bulk Entitlement

FlexNet Operations 2017

If a producer wants to create an entitlement for a single product against which multiple end users can generate licenses, create a bulk entitlement. A bulk entitlement could be sold to a retailer that distributes Web register keys to customers.

No licenses can be generated using the entitlement ID of a bulk entitlement; licenses are generated using one of the Web register keys associated with the entitlement. When a Web register key is redeemed, a simple entitlement is created with a configurable entitlement ID (default value is web_register_keyENT). Subsequent lifecycle operations are performed on the simple entitlement line item.

Follow the instructions, below, to create a bulk entitlement. Then, continue with the instructions in Configuring a Bulk Entitlement to add a product. Then, add one or more Web register keys by following the steps in Loading Web Register Keys or Adding a Web Register Key .

To create a bulk entitlement

1. Click Entitlements > Create Bulk. This link opens the Create a Bulk Entitlement page. (Click Entitlements > Create Test Bulk to create a test bulk entitlement.)
2. Required fields are indicated on the page by a red asterisk. Provide values for the following fields:

Creating an Entitlement Fields



Entitlement ID

The entitlement identifier uniquely identifies the entitlement. Select Auto Generate to let FlexNet Operations assign an entitlement ID, or select Specify to enter an entitlement ID of your choice.

If the entitlement is in the draft or test state, you can regenerate the activation IDs of draft line items or the entitlement ID by clicking Regenerate IDs.

If the IDs are based on characteristics of the entitlement that were not set when the entitlement was created, you can use Regenerate IDs to regenerate these IDs after you have set the characteristics.


An entitlement is created in a draft or test state. Entitlements in draft or test states can be modified or deleted.

When the entitlement is ready for use, it can be changed to a deployed state. See Viewing Entitlements for more information about changing the state of an entitlement.


A brief, optional description of the entitlement.

Ship to email

Email address that FlexNet Operations sends the license to.

Ship to mail

Postal address that FlexNet Operations sends the license to.

Channel Partners

Under Channel Partners,

1. Click Add to assign a channel partner to the entitlement.
2. On the Channel Partner page, select a Partner Tier for the partner. (Bulk entitlements are typically sold to a distributor. Thus, the values for End Customer and Tier1 partner are set to the same account for bulk entitlements.)
3. Under Accounts, select the partner account. (If necessary, a new account can be created.) Click Next.
4. Under Contacts, select a contact to assign to the entitlement. (If necessary, a new contact can be created.)
5. Click Save.
3. To configure a bulk entitlement, click Add Product. (See Configuring a Bulk Entitlement .)