Viewing Entitlements

FlexNet Operations 2017

The List Entitlements by Order page displays entitlements. To view all entitlements, select Entitlement IDor Orderable from the Search for drop-down, and click the Simple Search icon. You can also search for entitlements based on specific criteria.

Tip • When an entitlement has been upgraded, upsold, or renewed, the Map Entitlements page shows only the most recent entitlement in its lifecycle chain. Earlier entitlements are grouped under the most recent entitlement but initially hidden. These entitlement groups have a Show Upgrades button to reveal earlier entitlements in the list.

From this page, you can:

Viewing Entitlements



Edit an entitlement

To edit an entitlement, click its entitlement ID. This opens the entitlement’s Create an Entitlement (or Create a Bulk Entitlement) page.

Add a new entitlement

To add a new entitlement, click Add > Add entitlement.

Add a new bulk entitlement

To add a new bulk entitlement, click Add > Add bulk entitlement.


To create a copy of an entitlement, select one entitlement and click Add > Copy. A new entitlement will be created. Copies of all line items in the selected entitlement will also be created.


To transfer an entitlement to a different company, select the entitlement and click Transfer.

Change the state of an entitlement

To change the state of one or more entitlements, select the entitlements, click the Change state drop-down, and select a state. Entitlements can be in one of the following states: Draft, Deployed, Test, Inactive, or Obsolete.

Draft: Draft entitlements can be created only from deployed products and suites.
Deployed: Deploying a draft entitlement automatically deploys all line items on the entitlement and allows the line items to be activated, upgraded, upsold, or renewed. Line items added to a deployed entitlement must be manually deployed before they can be activated.
Inactive: If an entitlement is made inactive, all of the line items in the entitlement are made inactive and cannot be activated, upgraded, upsold, or renewed. Existing fulfillments against an inactive line item cannot be returned, repaired, or rehosted.
Obsolete: An entitlement can be made obsolete if it is no longer required or it was created and deployed in error. An obsolete line item cannot be fulfilled. Fulfillments of an obsolete entitlement line item cannot be rehosted.
Test: Test entitlements cannot be changed to any other state. They can be created from draft products and suites. Test entitlement line items can be activated, upgraded, upsold, renewed, or deleted. Test fulfillments created from test entitlements can be returned, repaired, rehosted, and deleted.

Activate licenses for an entitlement

To activate licenses for an entitlement, select the entitlement and click Activate. The activatable line items on the entitlement are displayed.

Delete an entitlement

To delete an entitlement, select one or more entitlements and click Delete.

Export entitlement(s)

To export an entitlement or entitlements, click Export and select an export option from the drop-down menu.

Options displayed on the drop-down menu are controlled by a user’s Export and Import permission. Users without Export and Import permission see only data export options with low impact, such as Selected Items, on an entity’s Export drop-down menu. Users with Export and Import permission see the complete list of data export options, including those with high impact, such as All Items.

Print an entitlement

To print an entitlement, select one or more entitlements and click Print.