Changing the State of a Line Item

FlexNet Operations 2017

You can change the state of entitlement line items and maintenance line items on an existing entitlement’s Create an Entitlement page. (In the Entitle Customers view, click on an entitlement ID to see that entitlement’s Create an Entitlement page.)

There are five possible states for a line item:

Draft: An entitlement line item is created and can be edited in the draft state.
Deployed: An entitlement line item must be deployed to be activated. Deploying a draft line item allows it to be activated, upgraded, upsold, or renewed.
Inactive: Existing fulfillments against an inactive entitlement line item cannot be returned, repaired, or rehosted. Inactive line items can be changed back to a deployed state as necessary.
Test: Test entitlement line items can be defined for draft products and license models. This helps the producer to make sure that products and license models are defined correctly.
Obsolete: An entitlement line item can be made obsolete if it is no longer required or it was created and deployed in error. An obsolete entitlement line item cannot be fulfilled. Fulfillments of an obsolete entitlement line item cannot be rehosted. The obsolete state is more permanent than the inactive state. Once you make a line item obsolete, you cannot subsequently change it back to a deployed state.

To change the state of one or more entitlements

1. On the Create an Entitlement page, click the tab for the type of line items you want to change.
For entitlement line items, click the Line Items tab (default).
For maintenance line items, click the Maintenance Line Items tab.
2. Click check boxes to select line items.
3. Click Change State, and then click the state you want to assign to the selected line items.
4. Click OK to confirm the state change.

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