Configuring a Maintenance Line Item

FlexNet Operations 2017

When you click New maintenance line item on the Create an Entitlement page, FlexNet Operations opens the Configure Line Item wizard in a pop-up window. Continue configuring the settings for maintenance line items. You configure maintenance line items using the Configure Line Item wizard.

A maintenance line item needs to be linked to one or more product line items for it to be effective during bulk operations.

To configure a maintenance line item

1. Select Maintenance: Select a maintenance product for the line item. Click Next.
2. Configure Maintenance: Enter values for the following, and then click Next.
Part Number, if any.
Description: enter a brief description of the product line item.
Order ID: enter the order ID. (This may be imported from your ERM/CRP application.)
Order Line Number: enter the order line number. (This may be imported from your ERM/CRP application.)
Number of Copies: specify a number of copies for the entitlement.
Start Date: The start date of the entitlement line item is the start date of the licenses that are generated against the line item.
Expiration: Specify when the line item expires.
3. Click Save or Complete to save the maintenance line item.

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